What Will You Offer Members?

Our mission is to assist members in managing their businesses and client's through online communication and technologies by introducing and mastering asynchronous and synchronous methods including web cam technology, instant messaging, e-fax, e-groups, and e-mail just to name a few.

We have assembled an awesome team of Experts who will be submitting articles for our newsletter, and taking a proactive part in the association. AORCP will have a Learning Strategist, and Assessment, Career Information and Resources, Career Counseling, Legal, Resume, International Resume, Virtual Business Management, Online Portfolios, Newsletters, and Interviewing Experts (just to name a few) as professional member resources.  AORCP has an international flavor with Experts from the United States, Canada, and Australia, and we are looking for additional experts.  We're gathering a list of cost-effective and practical partners, and a dynamic members only resource listing.  Online certifications, seminars, and conferences will also be available.


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